Monday, October 7, 2013

Trophies...the good and the bad

I have posted before about insights I got from Gideon (Judges 6-8) He was quite a character and really just an ordinary guy who God chose to do amazing things. This gives me hope that little me and really anyone who can relate to a plain ordinary life can have a huge impact on life...the world.

My blog title mentions the good and the bad. The good was in the last post , now for the bad! The problem with those of us who might not be used to extraordinary things happening due to our impact in a situation is that it can really do a number on our ego. Gideon was no exception and again, he is a role model of what not to do. Gideon had a miracle defeat of the Mideonites and decided to make an Ephod from the gold and jewels taken from the battle. The Ephod was to be a symbol of God's deliverance and giving God the credit for the great victory. What could be wrong in having a reminder, a trophy and even putting God into the picture. If you read the ending, Gideon and the people worshiped the ephod and it became a stumbling block to them.

So what is our life lesson? We often get trophies or memorabilia with great intention to merely put it on the mantel as a reminder of how God helped us; God's victory in a battle; we may even put God's Name on it! What began as a spiritual victory with the intention to give God glory; then becomes bragging rights. We very "humbly" tell/show everyone about the victory and how God so mightily used me! My conversation becomes more about me and not about Him. Trophies and memorabilia in and of themselves are not wrong. We just need to keep our guard up to realize what that trophy could become in our idol!  

When I wrote the statement early about what not to do.. my mind reverts back to a children's book we read to our kids "The Bike Lesson" via the Berenstain Bears. Over and over the Berenstain Pop made mistakes and told his son "Now let this be a lesson to you. This is what you should not do!" That is pretty much been my mantra for my kids in life lessons....learn from my classroom of mistakes so you don't have to repeat them! This is another type trophy that though it is made of humble pie can give a clear picture on following hard after God, which is what all trophies are meant to do.

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