Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Bosch Universal Mixer Attachement!

Introducing the NEW Bosch slicer-shredder

ONLY $59.99!!

The NEW Bosch Slicer-Shredder fits right onto the lid of the Bosch Mixer bowl!! It will fit all the Bosch mixers for years ago to the new Bosch Universal Plus mixer! This is what I love about the Bosch kitchen mixer. Your Bosch Universal Mixer does not become obsolete due to age. All the Bosch mixer attachments fit the old style Bosch mixers and the new style Bosch mixers!!

This NEW Bosch Slicer-Shredder attachment comes with THREE blades

1. Reversible Slicing Disk-thick and thin
  • For slicing fruit and vegetables 
  • Boil cold potatoes 

2. Reversible Shredding Disk-coarse and thin
  • For shredding vegetables and fruit 
  • For shredding soft cheese 
  • For hard cheeses (Parmesan use coarse side) 
3. Grating Disk-medium shred
  • For grating raw potatoes 
  • For grating hard cheeses 

Optional Disks available for the NEW Bosch Slicer-Shredder Attachment:
Rasping Disk
Julienne Disk
French Fry Disk

If you have the classic Bosch Slicer-Shredder attachment , the blades interchange with this NEW style Bosch Slicer-Shredder.

Note from Paula:
I like having the classic Bosch Slicer-shredder because it has its own bowl. However, the NEW Bosch Slicer-shredder accessory is nice when you have volumes of food you want shredded, because you use the Bosch mixer 6.5 qt. bowl! It is great for large jobs. It is great because the price is right! :)

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