Monday, September 9, 2013

Valiant is what we should see...

We really can't see with the right eyes. I was recently reading Judges 6:10-11 where the angel of the Lord came to Gideon and called him a man of valor. This is to the guy who is hiding while threshing his wheat because he was afraid of the enemy. This is the guy who did obey God first job for him, but did at night so no one would see him. The job of knocking down the idols would not win Gideon a popularity contest! Now, if it seems I am condemning Gideon, that is far from the truth. I would be right with him in hiding!

My point is that God sees with different eyes and see us for who we are and can become. When the angel called Gideon valiant, I can imagine Gideon turned around looking behind him at who the angel must be talking too...which was surely not him! Though not brave at the get go just two chapters (Judges 8) later a matter of days/weeks, Gideon is found charging after the last 15,000 formidable enemy soldiers after he has won a battle killing 120,000 formidable soldiers with only 300 men. Gideon even tells two leaders of cities he will be back to destroy them for not helping his weary men. This will be after he slays the 15,000! This is the talk of a valiant man! What changed? God's presence and work in Gideon's life.

This can be just a nice Bible story or we can perhaps turn the tables to look at ourselves. God see us as His creation made with a purpose to do valiant things for Him. He is writing the story book of our lives and will do great things with little, 'ordinary' us when we let His presence and power work in our lives.

Recently, I posted on a valiant young woman who did/is letting God do valiant things in her life.
(click here) God wants to do valiant things with us.

So everyone.....Charge! Look out world, here we the valiant come!

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