Monday, September 16, 2013

The Sutton Team

Many of you may remember me posting my funny about calling the police if you ever see me running!  This was funny to me as my family loves running...biking...swimming...athletic stuff.  Me?  I am the couch potato but I make an awesome cheering squad for my family when they do their events!!

My 'boys' did an event this past weekend.  A triathlon (swim/bike/run)!!  My husband did these in his younger years and hasn't done one in 25 years.  One son just did his first triathlon two weeks ago while my other son did his first this weekend.

We called the triathlon a Sutton Team event.  There has been so much hype between the brothers and dad about who would school who.  It has been an exciting summer preparing for the event which came to a head this past Saturday in New Braunfels, TX.  It was a "sprint triathlon."  I loved it as all the events were in one location, so I simply stayed put cheering and encouraging my guys on as they transitioned from swimming to biking to running.  It was so much fun.

For the record, I was over the finish line before any of pays to be the keeper of the camera!  I simply had one of my other kids take my pic while the my athletes were carefully preparing their racing gear in the transition stage. :)

My guys were carefully laying out their gear and planning how they would run from the swimming stage to the transition and quickly put their bike helmets on.  There was much anticipation/excitement for the race to begin.

They had decided they would stay together and do this race in togetherly family fashion.  This sounded like a great plan till my two sons (15 years old and 31 years old) reached the transition stage after their swim.  My 15 year old determined he was going to beat his older brother.  The older brother saw the younger brother take off on his bike and said to himself, "Forget the waiting as a family...I am going to win!"  The race was on.  Well, it was on when they hit the water, only now it was official!

Dad on the other hand was left behind by his 'boys' but wasn't that far behind.  Not bad competing against young whipper snappers at age 58!

Another funny to our weekend: people took pictures of our cheering family.  We were hooping and hollering so much that people took pics of us!  We had way too much fun cheering our guys on.  My guys told me they could hear me cheering them on while still 100+ yards I said, I am a great cheerleader for our family.  I have always told my kids that I am their biggest fan! :)

The guys have decided to get a Sutton trophy.  The winner gets to keep the trophy for the year along with bragging rights.  My 15 year old came in first of the Sutton family.  Well, technically, I was first...remember?!  My 31 year old has his eye on the trophy and tells the younger brother, he is going down next year!  What a great family weekend.  Thanks for enjoying it with us!

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