Monday, October 14, 2013

Natural Halloween Candy

Well our family does not celebrate Halloween but we do hand out candy to trick or treaters with Gospel tracts. The kids are so used to having candy put in their sacks that they actually get more excited about the tracts than the candy! To have the tracts in time for Halloween, you will need to order them now!!

We buy ours from Living Waters Ministry. They have a large selections of fun tracts!! We like giving the "Million $ bill" It really wows everyone! :) Click here to see the large selections of tracts!
For those of you who want to have candy for your kids but not all the chemicals and sugars, I found a web site that has healthy candy!! I haven't tried any from this company as the health food store is too convenient for the small amount I would buy. I have true confessions that we simply buy the candy at the local grocery store which is probably laden with more chemicals and junk that I care to read. We don't eat candy all the time so I give on the occasional candy. sigh

This site is for you more healthy people...enjoy! Click Here!

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