Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finance Man

When my children were younger and we took them to the State Fair, shopping mall, etc., we would always stop and ask them, "What happens if you do not see Mom and Dad?" They would say, "Stand still and wait for you to find me." Paula, my awesome wife, and I drilled this into them EVERY time we went out. Why did we drill and drill this into them year after year? Because if the unthinkable ever happened, we wanted them to know what to do without even thinking about it; they would know what to do because it was second nature.

In your investing life, you have three principles to follow so no matter what the Market does you will know what to do. You need to know these principles inside and out. The first principle is faith in the future. You MUST have faith in a better tomorrow or you will not hang in there when "the sky is falling." It is okay to have fear, but when this fear drives your investment decisions, it makes you a "saver," not an "investor." The good news, I am willing to hold my client's hands hand get them through the rough spots.

After faith in the future, you must have patience. In gardening, you understand what you plant today cannot be harvested tomorrow. The same goes for your retirement investments; the mutual fund you bought last week will not fund your retirement next year. You must have a long-term perspective and ignore the fads screaming from the headlines.

What happens when you lose faith in the future and give up on patience? You need discipline to take your medicine even though nothing seems to be getting better; discipline to keep walking in the dark trusting you are going the right way. It makes it easier to walk in the dark knowing I am with you lighting the path, but you have to be disciplined to walk.

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