Monday, July 8, 2013

This is very funny for me because of my athletic, competitive family. I am the cheering section only and have no desire to run. As of late, the pressure is on me to start running.

Why? My sons and hubby have decided to do a triathlon together. For those who are wondering what that is: you swim, then bike; then run. There are varying lengths of races to the ultimate being the Iron Man. This is held in Hawaii. The triathlete swims in the ocean 2.4 miles; then bikes 112 miles; then, if they are still alive, they run 26.2 marathon. Crazy? YES!! :) In fact, I think any triathlon is crazy? Why would I want to put my body through the torture? My hubby and sons tell me it is not torture but great fun. Guess I have a different definition of fun. :) With that said, the pressure has been on me to join the family for a fun run. Again, my definition of fun is quite different and the cartoon aptly describes the time you will find me running....if running, call the police! :)

Will let you know how my hubby and sons do in their triathlon. Race day comes in September. Hopefully, I won't have a pile of dead Suttons on the finish line trying to beat their dad and siblings OR the dad trying to beat all his sons.

An inspiring story about triathlete is this father and son team (Rick and Dick Hoyt.) The son has cerebral palsy. The dad carries/pushes in a fitted bike/running chair his son through the whole race!! They have done multiple races. It is very inspiring the love this dad has for his son. It will make your cry or bring tears to your eyes to watch....

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