Friday, July 12, 2013

How to make Whole Grain Sprouted Bread

You can even grow the sprouts longer, if you like.

Many wonder what sprouted bread is and how it is made. You first sprout grain. You stop the sprouting process when the seeds just begin to sprout; and then dehydrate the freshly sprouted grain. Many will ask at this point, "Can I just dry the sprouted grain in my oven on low?" Unfortunately, no. Ovens are too hot and will cook the sprouted grain which will defeat the nutrition you are trying to accomplish using sprouted grain flour. With your Profilter Dehydrator, you will be able to dehydrate the freshly sprouted seeds at 125 degrees.

Once the sprouted seeds are totally dehydrated, grind the sprouted grain in your Nutrimill Grain Mill You can make all the grain sprouted and use it for the basic bread recipe; OR, add this sprouted grain flour to the basic bread recipe. It is that EASY!! You have fresh sprouted bread at a fraction of the cost that you find at your local health food store!

Note from Paula:
You may be wondering what kind of grain you should sprout...I found wheat, rye, and barley work the best. You can choose to do only wheat or make a mix to add other grains to your.basic bread recipe.

For More Dehydration ideas, how dehydration works and dehydrated this short video!

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