Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day

I hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day...celebrate with your mom...celebrate with your spiritual children...celebration is really in the form of appreciation.

I think there is so much emphasis on 'getting' something for mom that the reason for the gift is forgotten...appreciation!  Some have moms they really see the sacrifice and love that all the media and greeting cards portray and others struggle because they never knew or experienced that 'type' of mother.  The point isn't to stir up loss or bitterness but to embrace where we are in life and rejoice/appreciate the those that made us what we are today.  If not your birth mother, is there another mentor/mother image who has helped to form your life.  A teacher? a Sunday school teacher?  A neighbor? An elderly woman?  Thank them and use this occasion of "Mother's Day" to show appreciation to them.

I think thankfulness and appreciation are forgotten words in our fast paced, it's all about me world we are living in.  We look at ourselves as these self-made people not seeing the 'mom' who did indeed sacrifice for our benefit.  Take a moment and pick up the phone or write a note to say, "I am thinking of you....I appreciate you....Thank you!"

For those moms who didn't get the appreciation call or 'rise up and call her blessed' moment, God knows your work and has counted it.  You will see your reward!  Remember, life is a vapor and we will be face to face with Jesus and He will acknowledge those works of love!
Again, I say.....

Happy Mother's Day!

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