Monday, April 1, 2013

Whole Wheat Doughnuts!

My kids love doughnuts and I hate to see them eat the processed doughnuts at the store.  I try hard to turn my eyes when their dad takes them for the occasional doughnut trip.  They usually don't want me to go along as I find myself commenting on all the saturated fats, sugars and empty calories.  I am not very fun company when you are wanting to indulge.  Well, at least when it comes to the high processed sugar stuff.  Humm...I know you are thinking all my desserts listed on the blog don't reveal someone who hates sugar or chocolate.  I guess it is the chemicals and saturated fats that get to me.

I started thinking about how much my kids like doughnuts and started searching the web for different doughnut recipes.  I took all the recipes into account and created my own.  One common ingredient that all the doughnuts have is nutmeg which was interesting to me.  I am not a nutmeg lover, however, this is one of the seasonings that you don't want to pass up when making doughnuts.  For those who like the doughnut flavor, it is the nutmeg that makes you think you are eating a doughnut!

Without further ramblings...onto

Whole Wheat Doughnuts!!

2 cups scalded whole milk
8 Tbs raw sugar
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp nutmeg
1/4 cup oil*
4 Tbs. SAF yeast
4 cups sifted whole white wheat flour**

Scald the milk.  Put into your Bosch Bowl Mixer.  Add sugar, oil, salt, nutmeg.  Check the temperature of your milk mixture.  If it is back to lukewarm (100 degrees), add your SAF yeast. The reason you want to wait on the yeast is so you won't kill the yeast with the liquid being too hot.

Add the flour and knead in your Bosch Mixer with the dough hook for 5 minutes.  

Roll out 1" thickness and cut in 2" size.  I do not have a doughnut cutter so I simply used the biscuit cutter and then poked a middle hole with my finger.  Set them on a cookie sheet to let rise (about 5 minutes.) 

Fry on each side till lightly golden brown.  Be careful not to have your oil too hot as the doughnuts will burn on the outside and the inside will be raw dough.

Now for the fun part.  Drain slightly on a paper towel to get the excess oil off the doughnut.  Then, place the doughnut in the favorite topping of choice.  Cinnamon/sugar...powdered sugar?  Place the sugar mixture in a zip lock bag to coat the doughnut.  Another option: set on a cooling rack and drizzle runny icing over the doughnut.  This lets it coat the doughnut.  My kids love chocolate and melted chocolate on a doughnut is a dream come true! :)

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