Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chocolate Easter Baskets!

Something about holidays makes me deviate from the normal healthy recipes.  I do try to make some healthy but there are just too many fun ideas out there to make that are just plain fun.  I guess I could have gone to the health food store and gotten carob chips but the semi-sweet chocolate chips were there and handy.

I saw this recipe on foodnet and it was just too fun to not make.  It is actually easy!  Hurray!  This meets my criteria of cooking: easy and fast!  I did change their recipe from using the large muffin pan to a mini muffin pan as the chocolate nests were too big and way to much sugar and chocolate to enjoy in a large serving.  The smaller mini muffin pan made the bite size serving that would be good on a dessert tray and makes Easter a festive time.  Great dessert to make and you can whip it up EASY!

Easter Chocolate Nests/Baskets
Shoestring Potato Chips (also called Potato Stix)
Semi-sweet chocolate chips (12 oz.)

Melt the chocolate chips either in the micro wave or place in bowl with warm water under the bowl of chocolate chips to melt the chips.  Fold in the potato string chips.

Dab a spoonful in the mini muffin pan and press down the center.  Refrigerate for 3 hours.  Decorate with 2-3 Easter egg malt balls or jelly beans.

Have fun eating and serving the Chocolate Easter Baskets!

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