Saturday, January 5, 2013

A must for your kitchen supplies

Have you ever wanted to make a recipe and read through the spices and been frustrated that you didn't have the fresh parsley or the cilantro?  Better yet, have you gone and bought fresh parsley for a recipe and then watch the parsley turn into a mass of green slime because you haven't had another recipe requiring fresh parsley or cilantro?

I found I just left out these ingredients in a recipe because I didn't have it on hand.  There is a reason these recipes have them as an ingredient as it does make the final outcome of the food taste better.

Perhaps many of you already knew this little secret but I have just discovered...

Gourmet Garden  which I am using for specific herbs.  They have a whole line of organic herbs but I opt to only use the ones that I tend to skip on the recipe due to the waste I have by not using all the cilantro and parsley.  This is a wonderful source to keep in your fridge to have organic herbs on hand in your fridge.  Especially nice during the winter when fresh produce is not readily available.

What I like about this company is their commitment to natural ingredients...

"Gourmet Garden leads the industry in natural flavor development and produces the world's most flavorsome and aromatic processed herbs and spices. We currently supply such brand names as Birdseye, Heinz and other leading brands.

We simply harvest, wash, chop and then apply our patented process to capture all the characteristics of just picked herbs and spices."

                  MADE WITHOUT:                                 NO:
                  Heat Processing                                       Added flavors
                  Allegens*                                                 Added colors
                 Genetically Modified Ingredients            High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

So spice up your recipes with organic herbs in a tube!!

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