Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Family Expands

Usually these words mean a baby is on the way but in this case it is a new mom...who has joined our family household.

We have expanded our family to include elder care.  I am grateful that God has given me the opportunity to serve and pay back to my mother all the service and love she has given me.  She actually moved in with us about a month ago but am just now getting round to blogging about it.  The month of October was quite a full and exciting month; my mom moved in with us and hubby & I both had surgeries.  Other than that we simply sat around and ate cherry bon bons! :)

For those who are experiencing elder care, you will understand the grieving process my dear mother is going through.  She is sad to leave her home and independence but realizes the time has come for needed care. My children are learning to serve their grandmother making sure she is safe and helping her to not suffer loneliness.  I am grateful for them getting the oportunity to learn what family life really means and for me to have the opportunity to serve my mom. 

I am hoping to post some of her holiday favorites in the near future.  We will have fun cooking together and sharing some of our family memories with you.


  1. Love this picture. Am so very blessed by this post. Blessings upon you and family!

  2. Did I ever reply to you personally? I hope so. You are so kind to think about our family. Things are going so well and my mom has settled in nicely. Can't think what it would be like to NOT have her here. :)