Friday, September 14, 2012

Let the Cameras Roll

The making of a movie star?!  I think not!  You may have checked it out or were curious.  I am now in a virtual convention.  It is pretty neat for the tech savvy people and a 'wow' for people like me who are not quite so savvy.  We had a studio production of me teaching the art of bread making; the how to's of grinding your own grain and wheat berries; and how and why to dehydrate foods.

It is pretty funny to talk to a camera.  I think I was looking at the camera, but we will see how well I did when the tape comes out.   Thankfully, Rebecca Keliher who is the host of Home Educating Association, was great in keeping the conversation going and asking great questions.  We had a lot of fun and many laughs.

Many may not know but there are lots of behind the scene workers pulling off the 'show.'  We had a makeup artist, camera men, sound people and a wonderful home donated for us to use their kitchen for the cooking scene.  Foodnet here I come....just kidding. :)

I hope to post the video clips on my web site soon.  The classes will be on the  See the convention site.  My booth is in the Jefferson Hall.  Modern technology is amazing.

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