Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seasons road of life

Life in the Sutton home is changing seasons.  Both our moms are widowed and are in their 80s.  We have for years taken care of them with household and yard work, errands, and other 'being a good kid' things.  However, God is opening a new season to us as our aging mothers are both facing dementia.  I think to say 'tough to watch' would be an understatement.  Many of you are already experiencing elder care and understand the emotions welling inside of me even as I write.  Our moms who were once vibrant and multitask machines now need help to process the simple of task.  It hurts deep in my heart to watch our moms struggle.  So as the four seasons change beyond our control, the cycle of life is changing and marching on. 

One of the things that I have come to grips with lately is to embrace the change and know that God's grace will be present even in the dark moments.  Really isn't this how we are to look at all of life? 

I have realized I need to have my kids involved in the care and help them to learn new ways to honor their grandmothers in this great responsibility.  Too often we want to shelter our kids from the aging process but this is a great opportunity to teach them responsibility.

You can follow my road in probably an ongoing several part series on the subject of caring for the aging parent.


  1. The days you involve your children in the love and care of their grandmothers will be days that you will forever treasure. We had the absolute blessing of having my grandmother live with us off and on for several years before she came to live with us permanately for 8 months. My husband and children impressed me on so many levels with their kindess and sacrifice in our attempt to keep her from a nursing home. She's been with Jesus now for over a year but my girls still talk about her almost daily.
    Blessings & prayers to you and your family in this season of your life!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Our kids have enjoyed the times their Granny comes to stay with us. They play endless games of dominoes with her. Amazingly, her mind is fully engaged when adding the domino plays. Sweet times. :)

    My mother is moving in with us soon. Will be bittersweet. Sweet for the fellowship we will have; bitter to know the reason she is coming is due to her mind waning. God is good and will have His grace sufficient.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just found you from Heavenly Homemakers and the Nutrimill giveaway (thank you!), and this is the first post I've read. I am praying much grace and God's love for you and your family for this next season. My mom is 70, and it is hard to see her slowing down, and recently, having falls and scares. I'm sure the love you are showing both of your moms is making a difference to their hearts and minds. God will give you daily strength and encouragement- he's so faithful. :)