Friday, August 17, 2012

A Virtual Trade Show!

Many of you are computer savvy and already doing your shopping online.  Some are just beginning to venture into this realm.  For those of you who have been curious about home schooling; wondered what curriculum is like; what kind of vendors are at a home schooling convention, here is an opportunity to see it all from the comfort of your home!

I have home schooled my kids for the past 26+ years.  I have graduated six kids and only three more to go!  We did it from kindergarten to senior in high school.  There were lots of fun highlights and lots of grueling days of pushing through to get the job done in learning a concept.  With that said, a highlight was to go to the home school convention yearly to see what new curriculum/stuff was out there.  In today's environment, people are wanting answers online and can't always go to the tactical convention.  Here is your answer. :)  I and LOTS of other curriculum vendors are online in a virtual convention style format.  You will even be able to go to workshops and see the speakers that you flock to go see at a convention. 

I will be having workshops and help videos in my booth as well.  They will even have me walking into my Paula's Bread booth!  Feel like this is Star Trek all over! lol.

So where do you find this virtual convention?  (Click here)  Simply click the "convention" tab.

You can find Paula's Bread booth in the Jefferson Exhibit Hall.  You will be able to chat with me; email me; have a one stop place to get info.  I plan on having lots of helps available in my virtual booth as I do at my 'brick and mortar' trade show booths.

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