Friday, July 6, 2012

Gratefulness for America

So this is not really a tip for a harried woman as much as a chance to express my gratefulness for America.   

Technically, the fireworks are over and no one thinks about the 4th of July celebrations.  Our family is a little behind.  We love to make a family affair grilling and shooting off fireworks.  However, this year we went as a family to my son's church which had a church wide potluck and fireworks display.  It was wonderful getting to see the 'bombs bursting in air' and my grandchildren were wowed.  What fun.  We are continuing the celebration of our great country this weekend.  Hurray for fun and a chance to rejoice in our great country.

July is dedicated to celebrate the birth of America but I want to shed light on a facet of what is so unique about America and makes our country great.  I was talking with friends from various states and we all noted that you can have any extreme of weather or recreational activity you could want and never leave the continental USA!  For instance, I can enjoy mild weather, beaches plus more in San Diego, CA; stay in the same state going north to enjoy cool weather, mountains, stunning red wood forests, and snow.  I can have arid temps in New Mexico and Arizona seeing the awesome Grand Canyon or go to the fast paced life in New York City.   There are the majestic Rocky Mountains and the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  We have huge lakes, beaches galore, and the red dirt of Oklahoma!  Truly this is a marvelous land to live in.

However, I think what makes America so wonderful is the diversity of people and the tenacity Americans seem to have when faced with trials.  Memories of America pulling together for 9/11 tragedy is a telling example of the back bone of America that still exist from our beginning in the Revolutionary War to present day. 

I am compelled to say, "I am proud to be an American."  I am looking forward to celebrating yet another birthday for our great country.

With sincerity in my heart I say,

God Bless America!!

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