Friday, June 22, 2012

New Shoes?

I have alluded before to my creative daughter in laws who love making things/crafts.  One has stepped up her creativity and selling several of her creative sandals.  These are a perfect accessory for little baby girls. 

They are even better for the mom who wants to doll up her little girl after so many boys.  Any guess who I am talking about?  ME!  I still don't think my daughter has worn blue. lol  As you know I have 8 boys and 1 girl.  When my daughter was born, I had gone through 5 boys with blue clothing and pink was on the radar!  My hubby was amazed that so many items of accessories could be put on one little baby girl .  It was great and I had a ton of fun dressing my little girl in all the ruffles and frills.

Barefoot sandals weren't created then, so she never got to these.  I guarantee I would have had several colors IF I still had a baby girl.  Now, I get to enjoy them on my granddaughters. :)

Check out her link to get some today:

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