Monday, June 18, 2012

How does my garden grow?

So I have to digress from my recipes to tell you about my GARDEN!!  I am the one who grows $50 tomatoes.  I put all the effort, buy great soil, fertilizers, etc. only to get one tomato.  Ouch.

Well this year is the year of jubilee for our family!!  Whoohoo!  We have one bed that is totally strawberries.  They are not only giving us hit and miss strawberries but sending out shoots that makes me believe that it will soon be a complete bed of strawberries.

Now, to the veggies....our cucumbers plants are spreading their vines upward with lots of blooms!  Like dare I count my cucumbers before they come?  The tomatoes....Oh my!  There are soooo many green tomatoes that I get to drool over with thoughts of a future red tomato to pick.

The lettuce?  We have actually harvested it several times and had it for dinner.  I am amazed.  This is history in the making for the Sutton clan.

Can't say much for the snow peas or bush beans but I will try them again this fall.

So who should get all the credit for this perfect garden?  Me?  Not hardly.  My kids, mainly my daughter, have taken ownership of the garden and are weeding it; watering it; and babying it to the max.

What an exciting summer to see things actually grow.  I will be featuring dehydrating soon.  Perhaps this year, I will actually get to dehydrate from my OWN garden rather than a farmer's market bounty.  Hurray! :)

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