Monday, September 12, 2011

A new look at Time!

So school is in full swing for most of us. We have either sent the kiddos off to school or begun home schooling them. Either way, there is the pressure to fill more into our day.

I have been reminded lately about redeeming the time. You may be familiar with the Bible verse (II Thessalonians 3:13) to not grow weary in well doing. Notice, it does not say 'good doing' or 'sort of doing'? I think we all want to end our life and hear "Well done my good and faithful servant." Well, to hear those words, we need to not grow weary in our well doing to get the well done!

So, what is my connection with school beginning? If we look at the new pressures that school puts on our schedules and we can easily let the stress cause us to be weary. We need to perhaps get a new perspective. I have renewed energy lately to not grow weary and to redeem my time by seeing the added schedule challenges as doing them to them for the Lord and not only to myself or only for the people I happen to serve. I have been purposely picturing all the interruptions and added responsibilities as opportunities to serve Jesus with a 'well done' focus of the finish line rather than a job for the moment. We will have no idea how many lives will be blessed by our renewed energy of redeeming our time.

One of my small eye openers lately to not grow weary was simply while grocery shopping! I happened to put my face close to one of my younger son's face and making some funny faces as I instructed him. Unbeknownst to me, I fellow shopper was watching our interaction! Before we left, the shopper told me he wished he could have that kind of interaction with his children. It was a wake up call to me that we have ministry opportunities that we will never know till heaven side!

Let's purpose together to redeem each day's time to have an impact on our world.

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