Friday, July 22, 2011

But my pet is soooo cute!

So this is a little off the recipe theme my blog usually has but thought it worth sharing. I heard a story about a pet from a listener who called the Chris Fabry talk show.

"A girl owned a pet boa constrictor. It was small and in her eyes harmless. She would let it sleep with her as it was easier than putting it under a heat lamp. The snake would curl up near her legs and sleep. One day it quit eating. It went on an apparent fast for over 3 days. Its sleep habits changed as well. Instead of coiling up and sleeping, it would now lay straight next to her. She took it to the vet to inquire why it wasn’t eating and was sleeping so peculiarly. The vet responded that it was laying beside her to check her size in order to eat her! Her pet was now going to devour her. The spiritual analogy that can be drawn from this is that our ‘pet sins’ seem harmless but they will eventually devour us."

How often do we keep our little pets of complaining, gossiping, anger?...ouch this list could really come too close to home! Get rid of the 'pet' now and don't let it destroy you. An admonition from one friend to another. Bless you friend!

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