Friday, June 24, 2011

On the Road Again!

Does this seem a redundant title? Well our lives have been on the road meeting great people throughout our great country. This time found us in Iowa. Once again we reconnected with our customers/friends and made new ones this go round at the NICHE convention. Thanks for your great hospitality.

I had mentioned in my June e-newsletter under "Tips for the Harried Woman" that we listen to lots of audio CDs. We had some new ones added to our listening and I want to share some great ones to help you all in your travels. It has been a lot of fun for all to listen to the same CD as we laugh and cry together. When everyone has their own IPOD plugged in, it really cuts down the fellowship.

Focus on the Family has great dramas at reasonable price. I bought a CD set for $24.99. It included "Silas Marner", "Les Miserables", "Ben-Hur", "Billy Budd Sailor" and "A Christmas Carol." They are classic dramas and were very engaging.
( Focus on the Family also has the Chronicles of Narnia and the Luke Reports.

The "Luke Reports" were good because it was a drama of a writer trying to discover truth of Jesus and interviewing people who had seen first hand the happenings while in the midst of the Roman government that was wanting to destroy all evidence. Very good.

We did listen to Focus on the Family "Father Gilbert" dramas but it was a little more intense and wouldn't be good for younger children. It was more along the lines of murder mysteries. Good but not for all. :) The kids liked them and they helped to keep me awake while driving.

I have mentioned "The Kingdom Series" ( The kids really liked these and they have great character training incorporated.

You can check ( great cd dramas. We have listened to:

"Hedge of Thorns" This was soooo good. It made us cry and yet also gave us a great picture of why God would say for us to not go a certain road. Why a parent would warn and tell their children not to have certain friends or do certain activities. A tear jerker and great drama.

"Sir Malcum and The Missing Prince" It was about a rebellious prince who was sent away to live with a widow to learn character. It was a good demonstration of the need for character to not only live your life but also the need for character to rule the people.

"The Captive" excellent on trusting God and seeing the parts of life that take us through the valley of the shadow of death knowing that God is still there. I would recommend this for you children. Brought tears to my eyes. Soooo good. :)

"The Unexpected Return" This shows how God is at work even when evil seems to overpower us. To trust good and once again brought tears to my eyes. Hum, sounds like I cry a lot. They really are good.

Lamp Lighter does have more but I am sure I have convinced you that they are good choices for your family and will build great character for your kids....well me too!

A book we recently listened to was "When Character was King" by Peggy Noonan. This wouldn't work for younger children but my 11 year old and above enjoyed listening to this new glimpse of Ronald Reagan's life. My kids commented that they learned a lot of things they had never known about Reagan and were amazed at his consistent integrity and love for America. He had great hope and saw America as a great nation.

So my tip to stay awake while driving and make the miles pass quickly, put in a cd for all to enjoy and it helps all enjoy the journey as you laugh and cry together listening to dramas and books.

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