Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Use your Nutri Mill

Many have wondered what to do with the two dials on their Nutri Mill and how to make a flour consistency right for their baked goods. My rule of thumb is to simply make both knobs "high noon" which gives me a great flour for all my baking. To have a cream of wheat type flour texture, you would turn the knob all the way to the right. This is an easy way to use your mill without having to pull out the manual. However, I realize there are some who want a thorough explanation behind the dials and their uses, so I have included the company chart for you! :)

Baked Goods
1. Cracked Wheat: Speed Dial-3:00; Texture Dial-3:00

2. Bread and Rolls: Speed Dial-9:00; Texture Dial-12-2:00

3. Fine Pastries: Speed Dial-9:00; Texture Dial-11:00 -12:00

Speed (small knob) and texture (large knob) settings are listed as positions on a clock.

Note from Paula: The 10:00 texture position is NOT recommended for wheat or brown rice because they are a larger grain (compared to millet for example) and have a hard time entering the grinding chamber at this setting. Excessive grinding times and possible motor damage can result using this setting for wheat.

Remember all your baked goods will taste better with fresh flour as all the nutrients are in the flour. Within 78 hours after milling, they oxidize out of the flour. Imagine eating a fresh carrot and all the flavor...the nutrients are there to make it taste good. Boil that carrot removing the nutrients and you now have a tasteless veggie. The same principle is with flour. When the nutrients are there, the flour enhances the flavor of your baked good.

One final note: Fresh, home ground flour will never be as fine as store bought white flour. It’s not supposed to be!

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