Thursday, June 30, 2011

The New Nutri Mill Flour Bagger

Continuing my thread concerning the use of your L'Equip Nutri Grain Grinder....L'Equip has now introduced a new attachment for the Nutri Mill Grinder. Many have wanted to add different grains to their diet but can't seem to find the time to get the different ones milled. Now, with this attachment for your Nutri Grain Mill, you can mill your different grains and freezing them easily to preserve the nutrients and have the fresh flour ready at a moments notice. This attachment helps make the prep easy and helps the harried cook add great flavors and grains to their diets. You can keep the nutrients in your frozen flour for 2-3 months!

What I like about this new flour bagger attachment is that it comes with zip lock freezer bags which can be legibly labeled in my freezer to help me pick out the flour I want to use in my baking.

What does the L'Equip flour bagger DO?

This accessory allows you to mill directly into a freezer safe bag without the mess!

How will this benefit you?

You can mill, label, and store flour without the mess.

You can mill many different grains at one session, and keep the variety of flours in the freezer to use whenever a recipe calls for small quantities (i.e. split pea flour, rice flour, etc.)

You can share fresh milled flour with family, friends and neighbors. Freshly milled flour makes a wonderful gift.

You can better protect the nutritional value of fresh flour by storing it in the refrigerator or freezer.

You can see/purchase this L'Equip Flour Bagger for the introductory special only $34.99! (Click here to see a video)

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