Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring has sprung!

So spring has sprung and our garden is trying to spring. What does this have to do with a harried woman? Well, life happened and all my great plans of preparing a garden for a bountiful summer of produce did not happen in February...didn't happen in March. We had a wonderful friend see our need and rototil a plot for us in April. Under my assurance and guidance of no underground phone line in this little area, he proceeded to rototil my phone line! Sound like a harried moment? Thankfully the phone line was repaired and buried the next day and my friend graciously didn't hold the 'blond' moment over me. Humm...I have heard that gardening is supposed to be relaxing and soothing? Well, I will still say yes. Even with our rocky start, the kids and I have enjoyed planting our little seeds and they are having a ball watching the new growth. Even if you only have a small plot or perhaps a raised bed, this is a great activity to do with your kids. I may be reap lots of weeds and few veggies but it will be worth the fun watching the kids enjoy the new growth from their labor and seeing God's wonderful creation grow. BTW, I do realize we have way too many rocks in our garden but we grow rocks. We will clear our plot only to have rock reappear days later. Our rocks are crying out praising God. :)

I will be covering this summer a great way to preserve and use your garden bounty! I may have to get my bounty from a farmer's market but it will still be fresh!

Plant some seeds and have fun! Do you have a garden story?

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