Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dashed Expectations Part I

These thoughts for the harried woman will come in a series that I will post on my blog, as I feel the burden of squashed expectations are probably great. There is so much hype of the perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas; the perfect family traditions that we know everyone around the world is experiencing. except for us. Perhaps you were one of those having the perfect family gathering or perhaps you were in my boat of dashed expectations. Our 30 years of family traditions changed simply due to life situations.

I think as women we think way too much and have far too many expectations of what the perfect Christmas or family gathering must look like. You would think with such a large family that we would have this massive family gathering for days on end. This year was very different and broke all our traditions yet it was good. Because only a few could come Christmas Eve, we change our normal traditions into a quiet dinner. It was a wonderful evening but so different from my traditions. I guess that is a big lesson the Lord taught me that change is good and I guess God can teach this 'old dog' new tricks.

My admonition is to embrace change and look toward this new year with new eyes of what new things God wants to let you experience this year.

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