Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Made Bread Crumbs

So here is a true confessions post...the bread lady, namely me, doesn't always make the great bread. :) I was so proud of my beautiful loaves. I mean, they were beauties to behold. Who wouldn't love a slice of hot bread fresh out of the oven. With mouths watering, we sliced the bread. First bite, I knew what I had done wrong....I forgot the salt. So now, what do you do with 5 loaves of tasteless bread? Get out the salt shaker and salt your sandwiches? Well, I guess you could but it isn't very appealing to salt the bread on peanut butter sandwich.

So here is a make bread crumbs! You can make the bread crumbs easily in your Bosch blender, Bosch slicer/shredder, or Bosch food processor. you think I might be hooked on my Bosch accessories? :) You betcha! My life is so much easier with all the accessories.

So how did we make our bread crumbs? You simply put a half a loaf of bread chunks in your Bosch accessory of choice and blend. It makes little crumbs instantly. Where the fun comes is making the different flavors. Have you been to the store and seen the different cans of flavored bread crumbs? These bread crumb varieties enhance your foods that need bread crumbs.

Here is one of our creations:

Italian Bread Crumbs:
half a loaf of bread
3 T chopped onion
3 T Italian seasoning

Italian Baked Chicken!

Raw skinless chicken breast
ranch dressing
Italian Bread Crumbs

Dip skinless chicken breast in ranch dressing and then roll the coated chicken breast with the Italian bread crumbs. Place coated chicken breast in deep dish casserole pan*. Bake 350 degrees for about 45 min. till done and having a golden brown crust.

*I used the stainless steel lasagna pan. It was perfect and beautiful in a final presentation of my chicken. (click here to learn more!)

This is to die for chicken dinner. We served our chicken with twiced baked potatoes and salad. My mouth is watering even as I remember our meal...yum. :)

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