Sunday, January 30, 2011

Charge for the New Year Part II

I thought it appropriate to finish the last days in January with the final 'charge for the new year' as we have already lost 30 days of this new year. It is not too late to renew a new year's commitment. So in continuing with my thread of a charge...

What is profound about the wise men coming to see the King of Kings?

Matt. 1:1,2...this showed that the treasure (Emmanuel..God with us) had come. The treasure that God's people missed was obvious! The wise men from the east and not God's people followed the star and found Him. They were searching and willing to work to find the treasure. Wow! Never thought about it like that. Jesus own people weren't ready nor welcoming Him with gifts.

So the question begs to be asked, "Are we wise men? Are we studying God's Word for years to recognize Him?" We know the value of the Bible and our Savior but are we really available and serving Him?

It was a powerful lesson and made me realize that I so neglect the treasure and privilege I have to be able to freely read my Bible. I looked at this past year and think about how many 'good' things that I filled my year with. How I do want to do great things for God and Him do great things through me. I realized, I need to be like the wise men and study the Word to be ready to recognize Him when He comes...recognize Him when His voice is telling me to go.

What an adventure this New Year has in store for us all...let us purpose to be available to the King. Let us purpose to follow in the wise men footsteps and study to show ourselves approved unto God a workman that need not be ashamed.

The King reigns....Charge! :)

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