Saturday, September 11, 2010

So why have a hearty Breakfast? Part Three

An interesting thought about breakfast was when the disciples, namely Peter met Jesus, for the first time. Jesus sent Peter out to catch a bundle of fish showing His divine power over creation. They then came in to eat this great fish over a campfire breakfast! After Jesus resurrection, He made another campfire with fish cooking to feed the disciples once again and invited them to come and have breakfast! Humm...perhaps this is a good precedent for us to follow in having a hearty breakfast. :) I am the chief amongst us for not having that big hearty breakfast but am very convicted of my responsibility to feed my kids a more nutritional breakfast.

So at the Master's example, what is for breakfast? Sue Gregg's "Breakfast" Cookbook gives some great suggestions to work around our traditional American culture of what breakfasts constitutes. She breaks her cookbook down into six categories:

Egg Breakfast
Fruit Breakfast
Shake Breakfast
Waffle/Pancake/ French Toast Breakfast
Special Occasion Breakfast

With these categories, you will be able to fit a hearty breakfast into your families routine without a huge change of pace. The key is to have the basic ingredients ready and planning the day before 'what's for breakfast?' question arises. I think this is where we lose our battle for the hearty breakfast. We wake up in the morning groggy with kids wondering what they can eat after a long night of 'fasting/sleeping.' The quick cereal is too easy to turn to. This is why planning is key. I included in my September 2010 email newsletter (see my web site: some recipes and have more recipes within the blog posted. I would recommend the Sue Gregg "Breakfast" Cookbook and look at starting a recipe box just for breakfast ideas. (see my web site to purchase this great cookbook!) There are so many fast, highly nutritious breakfast ideas out there. The goal is to plan and start the habit of a hearty breakfast. You will see the benefit through out the day as you won't have the blood sugar drops and the sleepy afternoons.

So here is the charge.....Rise up and have breakfast!

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