Monday, September 13, 2010

Fast Nutritious Breakfast Ideas

Remember June Cleaver with her little apron and pearls? She would have this massive prepared breakfast to feed her little darlings before they headed to school. Sorry but those days are pretty much a dream world now. I still want to get my kids off with a nutritious breakfast so their little brains cells will work to the max. Here are some fast, easy ideas to get the nutrition into the kids and still fit into the fast pace we all seem to be running in.

So what's for breakfast?....

Home made granola. I have posted this recipe on my web site (click here). This is a staple that is good for you, inexpensive, and easy to make. The kids can use this nutritious cereal in lieu of the store cereals.

Hearty Muffins Selections. You can make these ahead and simply let them defrost over night or pop them in the oven. See an excellent breakfast muffin below.

Pre-made frozen pancakes or waffles. You see them in the store...but make your own good for you pancakes and waffles. You simply make lots of extras the next time you make pancakes. Lay them on a cookie sheet to freeze. Once frozen, bag the pancakes/waffles. The kids can take out what they want for breakfast and pop them in the toaster. (click here for Bosch blender pancake recipe!)

Energy Bars. This is for the definite on the run breakfast that you need to put that protein and energy in the kids and there is no time for cooking! See recipe below!

Omelets. So how does this fit? The mini skillet (click here to see more) is the perfect size for your kids to make their own omelet. My kids love to create their own. The stainless steel pan is light and easy to use. My kids are able to make a 'mean' omelet in no time flat. This has turned into a high protein fast breakfast for our family.

Another great resource is Sue Gregg's Breakfast Cookbook. This has great recipes and information to help you create great nutritional breakfast meals for you family. (click here to learn more!)

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