Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Made Fun

The beauty of home schooling is that all of life experiences turn into school lessons. We recently attended a convention for our business and took the kids with us. Since they help us so much with the business, they enjoyed getting to meet the fellow associates they only previously knew the names. We attended cooking classes and business classes together. We have the kids keeping a journal of their experiences and the things they have learned.

We were able to throw some fun in by seeing the Olympic Park in Park City, UT. Once again, dad and the kids romped while I was at meetings. Still fun for me as one was a pastry cooking class and we got to eat the goods. Yum! :)

So how does this fit with the harried woman? There is always fun that you can incorporate in the mundane work of the day. We have found that hands on learning sticks into those gray brains cells so much better. Enjoy a field trip or better yet make your regular day become a field trip of adventure!

Another benefit as we have traveled so much this summer discovering America, we have found that Americans are really wonderful people and I am blessed to be an American. Thanks Utah for your hospitality. Sweet people!

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  1. Glad to hear the kids were learning while having so much fun in Park City! Hopefully you can all make it back soon.