Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Road Family

Since I am in the middle of 'tradeshow season' I recently had a post about how we set up for a trade show and enjoy seeing all of you to rekindle friendships. Another rekindling is made with our 'road family.' There is a different world that goes on behind the scenes of the home school conventions that you may have attended. There is the comradeship between the vendors/exhibitors. We always have fun seeing all the vendors after a long winter break.

The fun to this life is that we see the same vendors usually every weekend. We all unpack our wares together; rehash our week; talk about where we will all be the next weekend while hoping we will reunite with our road family.

For many vendors, this is a family affair. All the vendor kids have tons of fun with their weekend friends. Tulsa and OKC were no different. This year we had an empty booth space beside my booth which became the kid's hang out. It was fun to watch them play card games and various other games.

I enjoyed getting to reunite with my road family and enjoyed getting to see many of you as well! Hope to see you on the road soon!

So I guess I will hum..."On the road Again" See you soon friends as I travel with my road friends to meet all of you!

This summer will be full of great memories built with our road family.

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