Monday, May 10, 2010

After Mother's Day Blues

Some how I feel compelled to encourage all those moms whose children might not have remembered to call or even know this was to be a special event to honor them. The media so elevates mom's expectations this sacred day their kids will give them all sorts of accolades, realizing the sacrifices made on our kids behalf.

To hear nothing or pittance can be so painful. Take heart dear friend, God knows and sees all your efforts in being the mom God has called you to be.

Can I give you the perspective of a mom who helped change millions of lives, yet very few even know her name? Her son was a wild young man whom his school teachers thought was doomed to a wasted life and possibly jail. This mom saw her son was not heading in the right direction and became a hard-praying mom. This young man also had a committed Sunday school teacher who saw great potential. The praying mom and Sunday school teacher were instrumental in bringing her son to a life changing relationship with Jesus. The young man used his zeal for mischief to a zeal to serve God. Who was this young son for whom the mom prayed so hard? Billy Graham!

Moms, please do not grow weary in well-doing but know God sees your service. Your reward will be great as He sees you serve Him, investing in the gifts He has bestowed on you...your children. Even if your kids forget/neglect to acknowledge that service, God has a great reward awaiting you!

BTW, his mom's name: Morrow

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