Saturday, May 15, 2010

Semi-Guilt Free Cinnamon Rolls!

Do you love cinnamon rolls like I do?! I was at a cooking class and was salivating over all the yummy foods they were making. The crowning food was to be cinnamon rolls made with the Bosch basic bread recipe. Yum. I could hardly wait.

The chef rolled out the bread dough into a large rectangle. So far so good....then, to my horror, he proceeded to pour water over the bread dough NOT butter! What?! Some much for the delicious cinnamon rolls I was dreaming about eating. He then covered them with sugar and cinnamon; rolled the dough into a jelly roll; cut them in 1" lengths and put them on the greased jelly roll pan.

I was disheartened and would not believe his comments the water trick would taste just like butter! The cinnamon rolls rose and in the oven they went. The aroma was tantalizing but that was because of the wonderful cinnamon wafting through the air.

Now, they were baked and ready for us to eat. I very skeptically bit into the hot cinnamon roll! To my pleasant surprise, it tasted as if he had used butter! can make a low-fat cinnamon roll by using this water method in place of butter. Yum. Try it today! Click here for the basic Bosch bread recipe

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