Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rye Grain Facts

Just a quick overview and reference point for you!!
Rye is a staple in Russia, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Rye berries/grain really do not have the taste of the rye bread. It is the herbs added to the bread that give the bread the rye bread flavor. You can actually make a 'rye bread' without having any rye flour in the bread and you will think it is rye bread. See the Mock Rye Bread recipe below.

So, why use rye, if it is not giving you the coveted rye bread taste? Rye berries do have nutritional value and will help in simply adding more variety to your diet. Rye is a soft grain which is high in minerals and B vitamins, especially potassium and riboflavin.

Some Rye Bread names and differences:

Pumpernickel Bread (sometimes called Black Bread)
This is a an old traditional German dark rye bread which uses coarse ground rye flour or meal. It can be ground finer but it the coarseness and heavy dense texture that makes it referred to as Pumpernickel. Most would not like the true traditional pumpernickel bread as it will be very heavy.

Rye Bread:
These breads contain rye flour mixed with wheat flour. Sometimes you will see the label "pumpernickel" but this is only for advertising purposes. Rye bread is usually not that dark but caramel color or cocoa is added to the recipe to darken the bread. Remember, it is the herbs that make the rye flavor.

Rye can be eaten like rolled oats or added to soups. Rye bread is perfect for a Reuben sandwich. You can add fresh ground rye flour to all your recipes to increase grains in your diet. Simply grind the whole rye berry in your Nutrimill Grain Grinder.

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