Saturday, March 6, 2010

A great Rubin Sandwich

I found this pic of when my hubby and I were in NYC. This was taken at the Carnegie Deli. It really is a hole in the wall with the same decor when it was started in the 40+ years ago. It is across the street from the Carnegie Hall and is the hot spot for actors to make their mark.

The walls are covered with autographed pics of famous people who have eaten at this deli. We found it by asking a street corner police officer where the best place to get a true New Yorker meal. In his thick Bronx assent, he told us, "Go to the Carnegie Deli and get us a Rubin sandwich."

Like I said, nothing had changed much from the original inception of the restaurant and as we sat down we thought we had made a big mistake especially when we looked at the prices. One Rubin sandwich...$22+! We decided to have our NYC experience and share the sandwich. I am glad we did as you can see by the pic. We were stuffed with just a half a sandwich each...well, my hubby ate part of my half. It was one of the best Rubin sandwiches I have ever had.

Anyway, we topped it off with an official NY style cheesecake that was to die for. The desserts were just as delectable and it was hard to decide which cheesecake to indulge with. I would definitely recommend getting the full NYC experience by eating at this deli. Worth the price just to be the perfect tourist. :)

Have you ever been there? What were your thoughts?...

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