Friday, March 5, 2010

Different Rye Breads

I have posted two types of rye bread but wanted to let you see the difference in color that rye breads can have simply by ingredients! Both loaves contain rye flour but the Swedish Rye was made with molasses which darkened the loaf. You can add cocoa to the recipe to make a dark black rye loaf, if you want the affect of dark rye bread. The color is not what gives rye the flavor but it is what people expect with rye bread.

Simply add 1/3 cup of cocoa to either recipe to get the dark rye bread look! Happy baking!

I think you will enjoy these rye recipes. Shelly's Bread Cookbook has more rye recipes. If you would like the cookbook, it can be found on my web site: It is a great cookbook on trouble shooting for bread mishaps, using your Bosch mixer, and learning to use other grains in your diet.

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