Friday, March 12, 2010

Trauma in the sitting position!

Well my day of trauma is over. Who enjoys a day at the dentist? Sorry for those who are in the dental profession. :) I spent 3+ hours in the dentist chair and they filed down 4 of my teeth to nubs. When I was a kid our family dentist drilled for "gold" when he saw our family coming. My siblings and I have had a problem of our teeth simply shattering due to over filled cavities.

It didn’t hurt at the time as they numbed the gum area very well. It was the noise of listening to the drill that was disconcerting. I used that time to pray for others as it kept my focus off the horrible noise of the drill and knowing that my teeth were being ground. My permanent crowns will be ready in two weeks. I will again get to endure yanking and filing on my teeth for a two hour appointment. I am not looking forward to any of this.

To continue our trauma day, my boys went the same afternoon to have their dental work done with a pediatric dentist. A twist to their story was another child in the dentist office. This dentist office has the chairs lined up…well my youngest was very nervous and trying to work through the fear. He had braved the shot and was waiting for the next step. The boy (5 yrs old) next to him started thrashing and screaming. The dentist had to bring 4 nurses to hold the little guy down! My son got really wide eyed and I tried to distract him…no easy task. The other kids in the waiting room heard the screams and told me it sounded like someone was dying! It was pretty unnerving to have someone next to you screaming. Both the brothers survived. I must say I am glad this day of "trauma" came to an end. The boys did fine but will definitely remember our day!

Even though it was traumatic I am sooo grateful that we do have the dental profession to relieve our tooth pains and have the skills and meds to make a perfect smile. Thanks to all you in the dental profession!

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