Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rising Early, are you kidding?!

So what does 'being still and knowing God' look like for me? I am definitely not a morning person but couldn't help but notice that God's Word encouraging rising early to meet Him. I also noted that the great men and women of God also had the habit of meeting Him in the morning. With that said, I began several years ago to purposely rise early to have my devotions and prayer time with God. I must admit it was a huge hurdle and challenge for me at the beginning. I would groggily pull myself out of bed fighting the urge to get '5 more minutes.' :) Dear friend, how worth it is to spend those special times with God in the morning. It not only helps to calm your soul for the day but it mentors your children of what is important in life. It has been such joy to my heart to see my children taking hold of the same commitment to meet Jesus in the morning. First thing in the morning, they come downstairs and curl up in a chair with their Bible. Don't let this become a guilt or legalistic commitment but more have the attitude you are meeting a great friend for an early morning coffee! Yes, I have admitted my! :) I pour my cup of coffee, curl up with my Bible, journal and meet my friend, Jesus. Take the challenge to rise early and meet your friend Jesus! :)

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