Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tips for your Nutrimill Grain Grinder!

Just a reminder and help in using your Nutri Mill Grain grinder. I love having fresh flour for my baked goods. You will find that all your baked goods taste better with fresh ground flour. I love the Nutri Mill because it has a large canister that can hold 5# of flour and does a quiet job milling the fresh flour.

So for those who have already purchased their Nutri Mill here are some tips in using your top of the line grain mill!

Tip #1:
When you first grind your wheat the flour will have lots of air much like sifted flour. As it sits, the flour will pack down. So what is the big deal? The same bread recipe may use less flour the next time you make it, if you are using the 'packed' down/older flour. Think of it much like sifted flour verses flour taken straight out of the package. If a recipe has a cup of sifted flour, it is really using less flour than the packed flour.

When making bread I watch the sides of the bowl rather than counting the cups of flour. My first batches, with the ariated flour will use more cups of flour than say a batch of bread made the next day with the very same flour.

Tip #2:
Make sure you push the canister in till you hear a 'click.' If the flour canister is not pushed in all the way, you will have poofs of dust.

Tip #3:
The cup is to help the air flow during the milling process. The cup and the filter help keep the flour dust from blowing out of the canister.

Tip #4:
Don't wash the filter. Flour and water make glue! Simply flick the filter periodically to get the flour build up out of the filter.

Tip #5:
Just use a dry towel to clean or wipe the excess flour out of the canister. It is really not necessary to wash the canister between grain milling.

Tip #6:
To ease in removing the canister lid, make sure you keep flour 'dust' on the rubber gasket.

If you do not have a Nutrimill Grain Mill, now is the time! You will love the great flavor fresh ground flour gives to all your baked goods. See my web site: www.paulasbread for details about the Nutrimill Grain Grinder!

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