Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life's Curve Ball Changes!

We had an exciting unexpected twist of events in our lives this past month. Our new grandson came 4 weeks early. He is a healthy little guy but really turned our world upside down as none of us were prepared for his grand arrival.

So how does this fit in tips for the harried woman? Every mom can relate to the sleepless night with a newborn and could wholeheartedly agree that this would be a harried situation. However, I think more of the unexpected events throwing our lives upside down falls more into the harried woman for all.

When life situations force us to radically change our schedules for the day/week, we have a choice at that point to rejoice knowing God is truly in control or react to the inconvenience. We may yelp when thrown into ice cold water but the continued yelping for our circumstances is showing what was really in our hearts. When making a cup of tea, the hot water brings out what is already in the tea bag. It would be silly to say it is the hot water's fault for producing the tea, yet isn't that what we usually do in life? We quickly blame our environment or circumstances for our outbursts or pity parties. It couldn't be what was in my heart. If that person had only not said those words, I wouldn't have reacted this way.

We need to CHOOSE to accept the circumstances and acknowledge that God is not surprised and is still in control. With this mindset of Him in control, we will be able to rest in our upside down schedules/circumstances and not live in a harried state. Humm...this admonition might be a little too close to home for me as I am helping with the babies right now and in a more sleep-deprived state! :)

So do have a story to tell?....

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