Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fun for family in the Month of "Love" Part 2

So are you Valentined out now? The fun is just beginning for our Sutton clan. I mentioned in my February newsletter about our family decorating sugar cookies and turning it into a decorating competition. I think the Sutton's are just competitive as everything turns into a race to win the first place title! lol The kids enjoy creating their own designed Valentine cookie but they love eating it down the best!

I make large sugar cookies using the heart pancake mold (see my web site www.paulasbread.com for the heart pancake. Look under kitchen gadgets) for the kids to decorate their own cookie. Another option I have used in the past: a small heart strawberry cake.

I give each family member a cookie with all the fixings on their plate (2 colors of icing-white/pink; M&M's-pink/red/white; and red hots.) You can use your own imagination to add to the candy choices, just realize the sugar high your kids will have with each additional candy! :(

My hubby and I then vote on the best looking cookie and the most gaudy cookie. Some cookies don't make it to the judging process as the kids eat it after they dump all the candy and icing on the cookie. Talk about a major sugar high. Makes my stomach ache to even think about the sugar high! Oh well, it is only every once and awhile that we do this major sugar consumption.

Check back to see our Sutton finale!

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