Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun for family in the Month of "Love" Part 1

Many have fun things they do with their family on or during the month of February to celebrate Valentine's Day. I thought I would give you glimpse of our Sutton tradition and wild day!

Our family started a tradition when my oldest were young and we have carried on with this tradition even though some are married and out of our home. We have turned this into a time to have a family gathering with our theme of major heart decorations, Valentine's sacks made by my mother, and making Valentine cards for each other.

Before everyone arrives for our family gathering/dinner, we make homemade construction paper place mats which really turn out to be a large Valentine card made for that individual. That has been a fun activity for my younger kids as they enjoy thinking of special things to write to that sibling, parent or grandparent. We also decorate to the hilt the table with hearts. It looks like a heart wonderland!

After dinner, my mother passes out her Valentine Sacks. These are loaded with candy and her famous sugar cookies. Everyone tears into their sacks and the bargaining begins to give up candy to gain more of grandma's cookies. It is such fun. My mom loves to watch her grandkids all "fight" to win her prize cookies.

Check back to hear the "rest of the story" for our family Valentine celebration!

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