Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last month I encouraged all of us to "Take a deep breath and smell the roses?" As moms, it is so hard to stay focused on the eternal things which is our little people and now in my season of life 'big' people too! The obvious is to take one child at a time when running errands and letting them have your undivided attention. However, there are many other areas I have found to build sweet fellowship, bonding and memories. We work jigsaw puzzles and you can even make this educational by picking map puzzles! :) We play multiple board games...Triopoly, Blokus, Cash Flow, Settlers of Catun. Humm....notice how competitive our family can be? :) Best of all we read aloud together. I pick a novel or missionary book and all gather round as I read a chapter or two. It has been great to increase our imagination rather than letting the TV squelch our interaction and imagination. We just finished the book, "Runt the Brave" by Dan Schwabauer. Very interesting book with lots of allegory. I didn't like reading about the mice verses the rats but it definitely appealed to the boys' imagination. It is an allegory about the life of David and King Saul. Even my teenagers have enjoyed our reading times. Pick a good book and try it with your family. My biggest admonition would be to concentrate on building memories with those precious gifts God has given us.

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