Monday, April 13, 2015

My Mother

My Mother

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My mom came to live with us 3 years ago.  Though physically healthy, she suffered from dementia and needed extra care.  We had had many memories prior to her moving in with us but the adventures increased with her present.  Mom enjoyed the multiple grandchildren that flowed through our home; and she kept up with our many family outings.  She blended in with our family and continued to pour her love out to all.
On March 30th, my mom died peacefully in her sleep.  I am grateful she is with Jesus; but really missing her quiet presence.  With that I want to express my tribute...

To My Mother 

I am thankful you were my mom.  So, where do I begin to rise up and call you blessed

I am thankful for your example of service.  I appreciate how you were attentive to those around you who might have a need and readily met those needs.  Your joy was in meeting the needs of those around you.  Thank you for your example in following Jesus as He told us to serve.
I am thankful for your example of hospitality.   You opened your home for Bible Study to enable young women to be mentored in the Word of God.  You opened your home with the mindset to give.  You rose to the challenge of graciously hosting large dinner parties to making the one individual who came to your home feel like a king.  Thank you for your example in following Jesus who made a Jewish wedding the best.

I am thankful for your example of love.  You followed I Corinthians 13 in your demonstration of love.  You were kind and thought no evil of others.  As I gathered memories for the funeral, all your children and grandchildren have had one major theme: they knew you loved them.  Thank you for following Jesus' in His command to love.

I am thankful for your example of a burden bearer.  You were my help and comfort for many storms of life as you quietly shared many of my burdens.  Thank you for following Jesus' command to bear one another's burden.
I am thankful for your example of a quiet listener.  You let me ramble on whether it was sorrows or funny stories.  I so enjoyed our quiet visits in your living room as my children played elsewhere.  I treasure the tears we have shed together in both laughter and sorrow.  Thank you for following Jesus' command to be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath.
I am thankful for your example as a prayer warrior.  You were before the throne of God on behalf of me and our family.  Thank you for following Jesus example Who is also our interceder before the Father.
This tribute cannot hold all the ways I have seen Jesus in your life, nor the ways I appreciate your sacrifices for me and our family.  I am so grateful God chose me to be your daughter.
Through your life you deserve and earned the promise of Proverbs 31:28, "Her children rise up, and call her blessed."
I love you mom.


  1. A beautiful tribute for a life beautifully lived glorifying the Lord God!

  2. What a beautiful read this was. Your mom would be so proud of your special words to her.. Thank you for your inspirational story..