Friday, May 9, 2014

Great timing for Mother's Day

 A perfect movie to take mom to, especially for Mother's Day!

I don't know whether I was just so tired that the movie "Mom's Night Out" was above and beyond hilarious or it genuinely was funny.  I opt for the latter that it was just down right funny as my whole family was in stitches. This is a movie that will make you laugh which is good medicine for your soul.

I think the movie is so funny because all the situations have happened to us whether a mom or not.  Have you ever been in a public bathroom waving your hand frantically over the automatic towel dispenser only to have nothing come out?  You then wave harder and then resort to pounding on the towel dispenser.  Of course, you would only start talking to the dispenser IF you were the only one in the bathroom.  Then, to your horror, you realize you are not the only one in the bathroom and all your ranting/ravings have been documented!   Well, this is just ONE of the funny scenes in the movie, "Mom's Night Out."

This is a wholesome bring the whole family to movie.  It is perfect for a  Mother's Day appreciation type movie.  In fact, that is exactly what my kids did for me.  We all packed up and went to the movies with my kids treating me.  I had soooo much fun and I know you will too!

Don't miss this movie...."Mom's Night Out!"

Watch the trailer... Click Here....this is the most hilarious movie.  YOU DON"T WANT TO MISS IT!

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