Saturday, January 18, 2014

When is it Safe to Invest?

I have discussed up markets, down markets, and even insuring your retirement savings against any kind of market. I want to share six predictions for the next three years. When I am done you tell me if you want to invest or not. Fair enough? Okay, here goes, in the next three years, I predict:

1. Unemployment will hit a 42 year high.
2. Inflation will hit a 33 year high.
3. A major US manufacturer will go bankrupt.
4. A Middle East leader will be killed.
5. An Assassination attempt will be made against our President, and
6. Israel will attack one of her neighbors.

"Wow, Robert, are you crazy? If what you predict were to come true, this would surely be a terrible time to invest; I think I will sit on the sidelines until things calm down." What is wrong with my crystal ball? Simple, this is not a prediction; all the above happened in the years 1980, 81, and 82.

Chrysler was the major US manufacturer who went bankrupt; Anwar Sadat of Egypt was assassinated during the annual victory parade in Cairo; John Hinckley, Jr. tried to assassinate President Reagan; and Israel bombed Egypt.

How much money would you have if you listened to me, as your advisor, instead of the news media, and invested in the S&P 500 with Monthly Dividends in spite of these dire predictions? $100,000 at the end of 1979 would be $153,000 by the end of 1982! If you left your money invested for a full ten years? $503,000! Remember: good news does not start bull markets, bad news starts bull markets. So the moral of the story is to invest when you have the money. I offer FREE analysis and to help to get started investing. Until next time...God bless you!

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