Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School....Peach Fruit Leather/Roll-Ups

Fruit Roll Ups also known as Fruit leather are so easy to make and soooo much better for you than the store bought fruit roll-ups.  Your homemade fruit roll ups will have no preservatives or additives and simply be wholesome 100% pureed dry fruit!  Your kids will feel like you have served them candy.  My kids love these snacks.  They make great school lunch treats as well!

4 whole ripe bananas
7 whole pitted peaches

Step One:
Puree in your Bosch Blender

Step Two:
Pour onto the greased* fruit leather trays. Set your Profilter Dehydrator 125 degrees for 12 hours. You may croak when you see 12 hours, but this is keeps the nutrients in the food. If you have a higher temp or shorter time, you are cooking the food which is zapping your nutrients.

*I use Vegaline to spray my fruit leather trays. If you don't put some type of cooking spray on the trays, the fruit leather will stick.

Step Three:
I like to cut them in strips or you can roll them up.   Eat them right then; place them in a zip-lock bag for temporary storage; or store them in an air tight container for long-term storage.

Note from Paula: 
I made PEACH/BANANA Fruit Roll-Ups. Why did I put bananas with the peaches? Bananas are a sweet and cheap fruit. The bananas will stretch your other fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc.) which are usually a lot more expensive. I could stuff my Bosch Blender to capacity with whole peaches; then puree the peaches to have the blender go down to the half full! For me this is discouraging to see all those wonderful peaches only make half the amount of fruit leather I want. When I mix bananas with the peaches, I will use less of my expensive peaches and still get the peach taste I am wanting. I get more bang for the buck when dehydrating.

If you really want to have a totally peach fruit roll-up, you can use solely peaches. My method is only to make things cheaper. :)

If you do not have a dehydrator, you don't know what you are missing!!! The Profilter Dehydrator is the only one on the market which filters the air BEFORE it passes over your foods. I love all the wonderful foods I can dry with my Profilter Dehydrator. If you want to see more about the dehydrator watch my video!


  1. I use my silpat mats and my convection oven -- both variations of your method, but works great. I go 130 degrees for about 6 hours on convection.

  2. Good to know. Most ovens are too hot even though the gauge will say it is at a lower degree. I have found the dehydrator an easy way to make lots of different dehydrated foods at one time.

    Thanks for sharing another method to make fruit leather. Fruit leather is a great filler for lunch! :)