Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am doing a Bible study over the Book of James.  There have been so many profound truths that have pricked my heart; encouraged and given me hope; challenged me to look for and remove the junk cluttering my soul. 

This past week I was studying James 4:14 which describes our lives as a vapor.  First, let me say God is not saying WE are a vapor but life is.  This is significant because God thinks we are unique and very important to Him.  We are not some empty vapor. 

Have you ever heard the symbol of "The Dash?"  A tomb stone tells the day we were born; a dash; and the day we died!  That small dash represents our life...our vapor!  There are so many things to be said about how we spend this dash but I want to talk about the vapor of trials. 

I was so encouraged to know that the hard knocks of life...the rough road...the trials will pass just as the vapor of my breath disappears on a cold day.  I exhale to see my breath and then its gone!  Just as our whole life is a vapor, I can bask that this trial will not go on forever.  This brought me great hope and joy to my soul.  I hope you are as encourage as I that the 'this too shall pass' is truly true!

A very poignant poem to make us realize the dash of life and all the activity that we try to fill in that dash as if it will last forever.  Check out the poem:  
The Dash

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