Monday, June 3, 2013

Pizza on a Grill!

Yes, you read the title right!! We used the basic bread recipe and made a pizza on a grill. It is FABULOUS!! In fact, I think it will replace our traditional all-American hamburger cookout. this Fourth of July! Making your pizza on the grill is not only tasty but fast. We fixed our meal in about 8 minutes!

I used the basic bread recipe. Click here for recipe

You can see I have the Xagave Cookbook in the background. It uses another bread recipe and has great instructions and ideas for toppings for a grilled pizza. Click here to learn more about the cookbook!

For mini pizza you will need a baseball size ball of dough. Roll it out into a large circle. You will oil both sides with olive oil. This will keep the dough from sticking to your grill.

Place on heated grill (have your grill set at a medium heat; too hot will burn quickly)

Grill one side moving often as it will stick. Flip the pizza dough to grill the other side.

Now comes the fun! Top with pasta seasoning* add your favorite toppings and cheese. Close the grill and let heat for about 4-5 minutes.

You now have a 'to die for' pizza in about 8 minutes. Happy grilling

*I used the pasta seasoning mix with tomato sauce (1T pasta mix per 8 oz. tomato sauce!) Click here to see pasta mix!

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